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Richtig gute Seite !! Finde ich klasse. Weiter so.


Love your website! You're very talented.

Florian / Abandoned Kansai

You have a really great site there - if you ever come to Kansai and want to see some truly amazing places (like Nara Dreamland) then please drop me a line!

John Smith

Great site. I hope to have as many urbex sites taken down one day. I'm stuck on this island, and am going to try to make the best of exploring here, but I miss the skyscrapers back home. If you get the chance visit Houston. Many abandoned buildings to explore.


What an awesome site... Photos are amazing, love the history that you include... It's sad to think that so many places are just left to rot..thank you for sharing your adventures



i orderd your book from amazon, its so great i love it!!! unfortunatly my favourite object(norwitch asylum) is not in the book but i love it still.
Hope you see more forbidden places and make a second book!

Greetings from Austria


The 4th Annual International DIVERSITY IN PLACE FILM FESTIVAL (DIPFF) returns once again to Honolulu, Hawai`i!

This year, we ask you to submit films on URBAN EXPLORATIONS. Tell us stories about the existing, yet unseen places in or around the urban areas you live/d, visit/ed, encounter/ed. The notion of urban exploration usually entails this sense of off-limits, abandoned, forgotten and neglected places. However, these places, as Josh Clark writes, were once “created with people in mind; they’re constructed to serve some function that benefits us. But [once] abandoned, these sites cease to have any sort of purpose. By gazing upon these structures as art or historical monuments, urban explorers give them a new purpose.”

Hence, our call invites you to leave your “normal” world, venture and wonder through less usual paths. Please share with us your stories of encountering, examining, infiltrating, appropriating the normally unseen or off-limits parts of the urban areas around you. Imagine and image for us what you encounter and what there was once to be seen!

Upcoming deadline: February 1, 2012 –

For submission guidelines and entry fees, please visit

DIPFF, an intersection between a film festival and a conference, explores the potential applications of film as one of the most ideal formats through which we can understand people’s relations with place and promote awareness and a critical outlook on how we, all of us, experience place so as to have a better understanding of how it works, affects people’s lives and people intervene in its making. Held each April in Honolulu, Hawaii, DIPFF presents a wide variety of films from emerging and professional filmmakers. Different from an usual film festival, it is not only themed, but also hosts a keynote speaker who will give an introductory lecture, and the filmmakers are invited to discuss extensively their work during the Q&A session. Yet, though following this conference format, instead of asking for papers, we call for films and videos as visual essays on the yearly theme.

Contact person: Vera Zambonelli (Founder and Creative Director)

nadine Delépine

Hi I've beend doing som exploration, but I haven't found anyone near me that is interested in this if you live in mexico send me an email to


That's the coolest website about urbex, such an impressive database ! However, you should come and visit Japan, urbex here is quite different, and really interesting. My website is if you don't know it already. In Japan, the coolest locations are mines, ghost towns, old clinics and Japanese-style schools They're mostly very peaceful and safe spots to travel to. Thanks for your very informative website


Thanks for exploring the ruins of America, and especially Indiana. I have visited or driven by several of the places pho tographed in Gary. It's nice to see that others appreciate the archetecture of what once was a beautiful city. To break up the stress of our jobs as social workers , myself and a friend have been walking through the ruins of gary. Amoung the risks are crack heads or homeless of which there were both evidence of. Also enjoyed bridges you explored. Keep up the adventure.



Hi, I am looking for people to go for exploration, photography of forbidden, forgotten places, I am living in Belgium, near Luik so if someone whants to come with me please send me a e-mail. Thanks
Love the website!




Great site !! Hudson river state hospital best asylum everrrr.

Christopher Robin

have been documenting and LOOKING for places in Los Angeles, as it is one of the oldest cities on the west coast. please ANYONE that can give me any comprehensive knowledge or information in regards to LA, please let me know.


Fantastic website and stunning photographs. Congratulations on the book I have just published one myself following a year of photographing sites across the isle of man. A selection of photos can be seen at

Keep up the good work, I will be in touch if I ever manage to save enough money to travel!


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Absolutrly groovy in the pictorial way!It ain't something you want to write home from should you get launched in one but it sure is a beaut to see that old clam steamer in true beauty.Keep taking those pictures.Signed all 6 of those who share [abstractly]the identity Insane Survivors6.


love to explore
just found ur web site

niki m

it is incredibly stunning to see your pictures. they show me that even rotten things show their beauty - my favourite pictures are "au theatre 1-4", because they have such an overwhelming expression. creepy but still magnific. how comes, that these lovely kirkbride-buildings were just forgotten and treated as if they haven't existed before? their architecture is complex and everyone of them is a masterpiece. such a waste

you have done a good job!

shaun jarrett

anyone wanting to see whats left of hellingly hospital i have recently been a few time s i have upped some pictures on youtube check them out . type in hellingly hospital and my pic are at bottom under " henrypug" hope you enjoy i will be checking out the big hous as mention in earlier comment shaun jarrett may 2011


Amazing site. The photographs are beautiful, and the care you take to research the places you explore and the historical information you provide is so wonderful. It shows the enormous amount of respect you have for these derelict beauties that time has forgotten. Thank you for sharing your work.


This is a very good site. Very nice pictures, WOW!

Irma Alicea

My sister and I are trying to find out about a small town in Indiana called Cudahay. We went to Cline Ave. school, then to Ivanhoe. We went to Edison for a short time. We have fond memories of the close knit town. I believe it was sold
in order to make way for a tollroad. We have both searched but have not found anything, until now. I noticed someone
posted something about the "bump" on the bridge to Cudahay! I remember the bridge and Cline Ave school was just
accross from the bridge. It was an old house used for a school. If anyone knows, please post!! thank you!!!

Larry Bavry

This is some really cool stuff. I have posted a link to your site. After I have had time to explore it, I'll post a review. Meanwhile, keep up the good work. I'd like to do some exploring myself. Maybe I can find something local.

charles john rauch

I learned about it as i was touring Dresden.A German Photographer and i became aquainted who was familar with the Sanitorium.well to say the least, i will say, my life has not been the same, visually-conceptually, photographicly . ..while i was there in the sanitorium, the sents/odor offered me a ghetto-like familiarity.My fotos are my interpretation,however limited in time.thank you,Charles


Just stumbled upon your site whilst looking for Spanish urbex locations - I'm emigrating next month. Just felt I had to say thanks for sharing your awesome photos and quality write-ups. Excellent site, I can't believe I haven't found it before...Happy exploring

Brooklyn Explorers

Great website. Keep up the good work. Some amazing photography here. Simply beautiful.

linda calvert

i am looking for the woman sara rose that posted an article on this site about our lady of the highlands my name is linda calvert and i agree with her r castle should still be standing. we r on facebook

Linda W - Glen Park ElementaryAlum

I, too, had some great times living and growing up in Gary. I lived in Glen Park and went to Glen Park Elementary School on 39th and Broadway. I loved reading the posts from PJ and others, talking of the Beauty Spot, the bakery, and Harvey's, where we often for quick shopping. I got my first Barbie at Harvey's. My dad worked at Inland Steel, and from that sent 7 children to college and some to grad school. I loved walking everywhere, feeling safe, and enjoying the mixtures of different cultures of European nationalites. I lived on Jackson Street, the 40th block, for seveal years, then to 44th Avenue and attended one year at Riley, with a fantastic teacher, Ralph Gonzalez, whom I stayed in touch with throughout college. Any Glen Park students out there.. now around 50 years old? I loved that place, and it tears my heart to see my old neighborhoods in such devastation, when they were truly manicured and well maintained. I thank Gary for providing my Dad with a good job, and for providing us with a good and friendly neighborhood. We moved away in 1973, as I remember my father saying he was afraid the city was on the verge of beginning decline, and he was offered a job an a new company opening in New Madrid, Missouri. We moved away, but I treasure every second of my time in Gary.


thanks for sharing all this fasinating photos~ive been looking for these recently and they are gorgeous and impressive(help alot when im out of inspiration~
you make my day all the time~ ~ hope its ok to place the link of this website in my blog~=P

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