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10/15/2013: Second volume of Forbidden Places is out! More info here...

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Urban exploration: Rooftops Around The World title=


Rooftops Around The World: at night, the city sleeps. Forbidden Places climbs. [Read more...]

Urban exploration: The Castle of Noisy - Miranda title=


The Castle of Noisy - Miranda: creepy, sneaky and filthy castle, come and have a walk into Sleeping Beauty's castle... [Read more...]

Urban exploration: The Palais Garnier title=


The Palais Garnier: V.I.P.trip into the heart of the Opéra de Paris. [Read more...]

Urban exploration: Brussels Metro title=


Brussels Metro: dive into the Brussels metro... [Read more...]

Urban exploration: Vilvoorde Prison title=


Vilvoorde Prison: as many as 12,000 tramps, drunks, and prostitutes, all those that the society of the time considered a nuisance, were crammed in on four floors. The vaulted cells had narrow slits as the only source of light. A perpetual gloom reigned along the corridors that led to the many workshops... [Read more...]

Urban exploration: Internationale Film-Union GmbH title=


Internationale Film-Union GmbH: Little copy and synchronization studio lost in the woods. Don Camillo, Laurel & Hardy among many others have been germanized here... [Read more...]

Urban exploration: 1936 Berlin's Olympic Village title=


1936 Berlin's Olympic Village: like the 29 other Olympic villages, the 1936 edition has only had a short moment of glory. But unlike the others, the 1936 Olympics is possible the most significant games in our history [Read more...]

Urban exploration: Antwerp's Forensic Institute title=


Antwerp's Forensic Institute: between death and oblivion the body must undergo -tests-. Before being laid to rest. In the tranquility of legality. Thanatos comes to the aid of logic. [Read more...]

Recent comments list

JeanneRN – CT
November 19, 2014 - 17:19
response to led-zep and question for Sandra Filler

led-zep - I did not mean to insult you. Sorry, I misread your statement. I was just trying to help, more than to correct.
Sandra Filler: Would you please send me an email at I have a question that our HRSH Alumni Association has been searching for an answer to, but I would rather not post it here. You may just be the person who can fill in the answer. Your help would really be appreciated. Thank you.

juan A. LOPEZ – madrid
November 15, 2014 - 21:23

Precisamente estoy escribiendo un libro de recuerdos para mis nietos, y al llegar a este punto he querido mirar si aún había alguna foto de alli,pues sólo tengo dos, Una del dormitorio y otra del grupo con la srta. Julia. Fué la etapa más horrible de mi vida. Los palos, las comidas, los golpes en los nudillos con las tijeras,los castigos a estar de pie toda la noche en calzoncillos....el casi un mes que estuve en la enfermeria a consecuencia de uno de estos castigos. Fué una etapa cuando tienes ocho o nueve años, que no te olvidas de ella aunque lo quisieras hacer. Un saludo a todos los posibles compañeros que estuvieron allí.

Page: /book2fr.php
Archimedd – Normandie
November 13, 2014 - 20:36
Beau Travail !


Je souhaitais vous remercier pour ces belles images que vous nous montrez dans ce deuxième tomes. Les légers défauts de mise en pages du premier sont effacé. On visite des lieux très différents et on ne se lasse pas en tournant les pages. Je suis amateur d'Urbex et votre site me donne envie de continuer la visite de ces endroits oubliés.

Wayne H – Portage IN
November 12, 2014 - 18:35
Welcome back Rick

Rick, so glad to see you made it back safely. A day late but I never forget.... Thanks for serving. We had a great day on 11-11 at NWI Memories. Many ex Garyites posted old photos of relatives and friends who proudly served. Its a wonderful site to chat with a lot of former residents, bumping into folks you knew years ago. There are a good handful of ex Brunswick folks there. My e-mail addy is cruzinrt66 @, just remove the spaces. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sandra Filler – Charlotte, NC
November 12, 2014 - 16:06
The Kirkbride Building

The opening statement, titled "Kirkbride Building" has a slight error. Actually, the male patients were housed in the smaller section. If you're looking at the front of the Main Building, (which is another name it was known as) the wing to the left was known as North Wing for male patients and the much larger wing to the right of the Main building was for female patients, known as South Wing. I worked in that building from 1959-1971 as a Therapy Aide. I then transferred to the new Herman B. Snow Building (Rehab. Building) and worked as a building attendant along with one other person. Our job was to make sure patients ( name later changed to clients) were directed to their Rehab programs. We were also responsible for reporting any incidents, giving tours to people such as other hospitals coming to see the latest thing in Rehabilitation styles, the G.R.O.W. Workshops, (which I obtained a job as Rehab. Asst. II) where the clients worked for pay at different jobs for companies from the community, such as I.B.M., Western Publishing, Eastern Lithographic, Schatz Manufacturing, etc. Also we showed dignitaries from Albany, NYC, Washington DC, and other states who came to see this building. A building called Pilgrim Hall ( housed clients was demolished to build the Snow Rehab Building. It had everything to recreate, relax and or learn there, a pool, gym, bowling alley, auditorium with stage and the ability to show movies. It had a library, class rooms for obtaining a G.E.D., Art classes, etc.. The recreation dept. was based there and had programs going on at all times. There was a community store & cafeteria for all to shop or eat there if they wanted to. Night activities for the clients were done there too, such as dart ball, dances, band practice for those who played an instrument, birthday parties and much more. The Rehab employees were like a family and helped each other make a very cheery and upbeat atmosphere for the clients. I worked there from 1971 to 1995 when I retired as a workshop supervisor after 36 1/2 years. I never regretted going to work there from high school. I felt I had made a difference in the clients life for the better. I also worked with some of the most dedicated people that kept the clients interest at the forefront of their jobs. I am saddened to see the grounds going to ruin and do hope before to many years go by that something is done to restore some of the buildings. I enjoy reading about HRPC and am glad there is continued interest in the hospitals history.

November 11, 2014 - 23:25

I know the Cheney building opened in the 50's.I was saying that i use to visit my great aunt in the Cheney building back in the 70's.Maybe you to need to understand what i wrote before correcting me ,I wasn't saying she was their in the 20's or 30's thats when she was put in their JEANNE!

Rick – Back in Tampa!
November 11, 2014 - 16:13
To Wayne H and George Jasso

Wayne, sorry for the delay in responding, and I will hit you up at your E-mail address. Thank you for the kind words. I am back in the good lod USA as of four days ago. I'm not sure, but I think that will be my last trip over there. In uniform anyways. I'm too old for that crap and coming home is getting more and more difficult. I can honestly see why some people suffer from PTSD. I used to think it was a bunch of BS, people using this new buzz word as an excuse for their behavior, but I was wrong. I don't suffer from it, thank GOD, but this business will make you grow old. Talk later, and I'm very interested in what I'm reading. I'm so glad that they're knocking down the Sheridan. What a waste of money.

George, my oldest brother (age 61) used to be friends with your older siblings. Didn't they go to Edison back in the 60s?

Lisa – Washington DC
November 06, 2014 - 16:39

I'm hoping to visit Beelitz Heilstätten while in Berlin for the 25th anniversary of the Falling of the Wall. I am unable to find information about tours - any help would be greatly appreciated!

November 06, 2014 - 16:21

I Don't get this site, where are the access plans to all the locations??

the architect – michigan
November 06, 2014 - 03:35
suuch a long time...

feels forever ago that i was stationed at the base near the hospital. now im out of the military and loving life!!! was thinking about this place today and figured id stop by this old website to say hi and hows everyone doing? the conversations we used to have on here were so intense!!! so i saw on Facebook somewhere that they are tearing it down!? what a shame. is seaside sanatorium still around? sparkles how ya been?