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10/15/2013: Second volume of Forbidden Places is out! More info here...

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Abandoned Castles from South West of France: random discoveries during wanderings in my home country. [Read more...]

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Urban exploration: Vilvoorde Prison title=


Vilvoorde Prison: as many as 12,000 tramps, drunks, and prostitutes, all those that the society of the time considered a nuisance, were crammed in on four floors. The vaulted cells had narrow slits as the only source of light. A perpetual gloom reigned along the corridors that led to the many workshops... [Read more...]

Urban exploration: Internationale Film-Union GmbH title=


Internationale Film-Union GmbH: Little copy and synchronization studio lost in the woods. Don Camillo, Laurel & Hardy among many others have been germanized here... [Read more...]

Urban exploration: 1936 Berlin's Olympic Village title=


1936 Berlin's Olympic Village: like the 29 other Olympic villages, the 1936 edition has only had a short moment of glory. But unlike the others, the 1936 Olympics is possible the most significant games in our history [Read more...]

Recent comments list

George Jasso – Houston Texas
January 29, 2015 - 05:10
Hardware Store

There was a hardware store called "Luds" that, if I remember right, was across the street from the Holy Rosary church. I used to get my bicycle parts there. And wasn't there an ice house too called Elmars? Rick, I'm 59 now. My older sister Maria will be 61 this year. My oldest brother Melchor is 62 now. Yes, my brother did graduate from Edison. My sister and I finished HS in Houston. I also had an older cousin that lived at 1024 Durbin just off 11th, Lorenzo Jasso. He also graduated from Edison. My dad also Melchor was called "mitch" at the Inland Steel plant cause no one could say Melchor. My Uncle Lorenzo (dads brother) was called "chico" at the Mill. Chico was an entrepreneur at Inland (so my mom tells me). He would make tacos at home b4 his shift and sell them during his lunch break to the Serbians and Blacks. I have to say that the word "taco" was non-existent to the Gary folk during the 60's.

Dolores – edinburg
January 28, 2015 - 23:14

thanks alb in Tn, that narrows it down, do you remember if the Dairy Castle sold Dilly Bars, just wondering because I thought it was a Dairy Queen....Well it was not Ralston because I had to cross 5th, but I lived very close to the end of the block so I was pretty close to 5th.

Jon- M – Ohio
January 28, 2015 - 16:05

I don't remember a White Castle ever in Brunswick or Gary for that matter - we always had to go to Hammond to get WC's back in the 60's. Going east (1960's early) from Burr St you had the drug store , branch post office and a dentists office next to the alley, then the Phillpis 66 gas station and Dairy Castle at Ralston St and then Sokits Bakery and branch library to Hanley St. with Consumers paint factory and Bob's restaurant on north side of 5th ave. There was a dime store at Durbin st and Smiley's Taco ranch in a former barber shop near Mount or Hovey St as I remember. Can't remember too many of the other 5th ave businesses although as I remember there was a gun store(Ace's Armory) and Laundromat near Mount or Porter St on south side. Lot of memories tied up in Brunswick in the 40's,50's and 60's.

alb – Tn
January 26, 2015 - 20:24

One of three streets-Matthews, mount, or Hanley. Ralston was the street the Dairy Castle was on but it didn't cross 5th.

Dolores Ann Zavala – Edinburgh tx
January 25, 2015 - 23:57

OK guys so what street did I leave on...Lol I can't remember!!!!

Barbara Hirschfeld – Chicago, IL
January 25, 2015 - 22:14
Traveling in Germany April 2015

I am going to be in Berlin April 16 to 20. I would love to spend one day traveling to and photographing Beelitz Heilstatten. I would be happy to do a tour. Please send me any info you might have.


Barbara Chicago

Jose Luis Dominguez
January 25, 2015 - 19:58
Estancia en LA SABINOSA

Siento no compartir con la vivencia de otros compañeros, fue la primera vez que veía el mar, fuimos en tren desde Madrid cada uno en el asiento mientras aguantábamos sentados pero no tirados como ganado, recuerdo los compañeros amigos de Madrid, Benjamín de Lavapies y Sergio de Arguelles y no me quedó ningún mal recuerdo de adoctrinamiento ni de vivencias. En la actualidad tengo 73 años y nunca he padecido alguna enfermedad del pecho. Recuerdo a cuidadoras y director o lo que fuera, con buen trato con nosotros.En facebook podeis publicar en "La Sabinosa" todos vuestros recuerdos. SALUDOS FRATERNALES.

Alb – Tn
January 25, 2015 - 00:09

The White Castle was probably Dairy Castle just about a half a block down from Brunswick Drugs. Dairy Queen was about 5th and mount.

Dolores – Edinburg
January 24, 2015 - 20:01

I do not rmember much about what was around the DQ, but I do remember walking home from school and stopping at White Castle and store for candy of as I walked up the block from my house to what I assume is 5th I crossed a small street or sort of an alley then there was the store liquor Grocery?? something then crossed 5th and I just remember the DQ lol went for dilly bars, I went to kinder in 62 im thinking we left Gary around 67 and moved to East Chicago In. I went to Joseph L Block. I feel like I went to two schools in Gary but I may be confused at 57 my memory is not so great, Im sure we moved to gary before I started Kinder llived in the same house untill we moved, Anyhow its sad how Gary is not what it used to be, anyone who did not grow up there before it got really bad can not know how really great it was before it became famous for crime and and a ghost town. A gary Indiana survivor and proud of it!!!

Wayne H – Portage IN
January 24, 2015 - 17:00

Hiya Rick...... That drug store on 5th & Burr should have been Brunswick Drugs, The Grocery was Edmar. My brother worked for them at the Glen Park store and spent 47 years in the grocery business, finally retiring from Safeway in Phoenix AZ. Now he wants to "retire" to Florida! I can't remember if the Brunswick Post Office was next to Brunswick Drugs (I think it was), but anywho, my sister was shot in a holdup there in 1973. She was a Window Clerk there. White Castle? Don't know of any White Castle ever in Gary, even to this day. Maybe it was a knock off WC like Hi House in Hobart? Kinda like Crystal Burger in Florida (I think that's what it's called there).