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Recent comments list

May 24, 2016 - 12:06

J'ai eu la chance d'aller y faire des photos pour mon TFE il y a quelques semaines, c'était magnifique.
Malheureusement, apparemment, le bâtiment va être déclassé et revendu, j'espère qu'il ne va pas être démoli

David Warr – Ruislip
May 20, 2016 - 15:10
Great days

I joined the company in the summer of 1974. I went into the boys scheme which meant over a two year period you got to work for a month or two at a time in one of the many departments in the brewery. What an eye opener that was for a still wet behind the ears boy of sixteen. Guinness as an employer was fantastic, good pay, free pension , free food and beer brilliant sports club and social scene plus the company had a real family feel to it. It was like a little world of its own. It is very sad to see the pictures now as they bring back so many great memories. Mostly though you remember the people and the characters you worked with and met. I knew both Andy and Keith who have posted on here. There are some really good stories to tell about this place and the people in it but I would be here for at least a week if I went into them all.
I can,t help but think that companies nowadays would benefit by taking the approach Guinness did to their employees and still make good profits as Guinness did. Although there was close to 1500 people working there when I started, everyone seemed to know everyone else and that included the directors. I remember getting into a lift one day in the malt store not long after I started and a chap got in who I didn,t know but he asked my name and then went onto explain he knew my father who was still working at the brewery at the time, it turned out to be Edward Guinness.
Great days sorely missed.
Regards to all who worked there.

LUNA – Mexico
May 19, 2016 - 02:11

Al ver las fotos, no puedo evitar compararla con la Ciudad de Pripyat en Ucrania, abandonada por la tragedia nuclear de Chernobyl.

Cuantas historias, cuantos recuerdos buenos y malos, en fin, estas imagenes hacen que tu mente e imaginacion vuelen.

Dave J – California
May 15, 2016 - 01:10

Hi Susan,

I’m very sorry to hear that your brother Tom passed away. As you rightly noted, if he were still alive he’d be a major contributor on this forum. I’ll cherish fond memories of him from our Holy Rosary days. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

Being only a few years younger than me you have a photographic memory for places in Tolleston, or perhaps I’m starting to have “senior moments”! Yikes…. Thanks for confirming my recollections of the poultry store. Looks like both our grandmas shopped there.

I remember the IGA store on 11th and Whitcomb. We used to shop there when we needed just a few things. It was on the NW corner, right? On the SE corner was a barber shop with a barber named Ralph. I had my first haircut in there when I was REALLY young and remember being terrified of the scissors, bawling my eyes out. Didn’t the SW corner have a gas station or car repair place? What was on the NE corner? I seem to remember a one story red brick building; a tavern perhaps? And then there was my kindergarten at Washington school on Wright Street between 11th and 13th. Mrs. Young was the teacher. I still have that class photo and can find Tommy Knudson in it. Did you and Tom attend K there?

Yes, the empty lot on the SW corner of 11th and Morton was a great place to sled in the winter. It had a downhill run aimed toward 11th Avenue with an uphill part at the end to slow you down before reaching the street. It was also fun in summer to make forts in the sand and climb the big oaks.

Paul Hill – East Lyme CT
May 14, 2016 - 13:27

Holy cow. Thanks for the memory of that totem pole at the Thunderbird gas station. My family and I used to out every Friday night. Our favorite places were the Sunny Spot, which was on Clark Road and 11th or 15th Avenue. I loved it there. We also headed down towards downtown for pizza at the Tivoli. It was so great there. I used to skate behind the fire station, and make key chains at the Little League (I practically lived there), during the summer. I don't think it cost anything either. It was (and still is) amazing what a young child could do on his own or how far away he could roam from home in those days. My older sister Kathy and I could get on a bus at 5th and Porter, go downtown, stop by Schneider's to say hi to our grandmother, and head to the Palace for a day full of movies. We were like 10 and 8 years old. But that sure changed about 1966.

Wayne H – Portage IN
May 13, 2016 - 20:48
Northwest Indiana Memories on FACEBOOK

I'm tellin ya folks, over and over.... lots of people from the old Brunswick/Tolleston neighborhood on Facebook. You want instant responses and not have to wait 1-2-3 days? Join us at Facebook! Problem solved! You can easily post family photos too! Then there's the history of the area that people post. (I do a lot of that...LOL).

Dave J...... I remember you, I lived on 11th & Baker, and I also graduated from M'ville... '69. Someone mentioned Tom Knudson, I ran around with him at times. Tom Reed, who lived I believe between Morton and Willard on the north side of 11th Ave just passed away last week. I went to Washington school and M'ville with Tom.

Hope some of come on over to Facebook

susan nawrocki welch – libertyville IL
May 13, 2016 - 19:51
Thank you for responses

Dan, ALB, and Paul,

Thank you for responding to my comments and memories regarding Brunswick and Tolleston. Sorry I did not respond back earlier. I remembered the toy store on 11th as Grillo's but wasn't absolutely sure until ALB confirmed. I also remember the poultry store where my grandmother would go in and feel the chickens to pick the right one and then would make chicken soup every Sunday. I met a woman at a wedding several years ago and when she found out I went to Merrillville H.S. started talking to me. Come to find out she was a Jacobson (next to Art's bakery) and she was thrilled to find someone else who remembered Weezie's. Back then Tolleston was a thriving retail area with Krogers, Pruzins, Ben Franklins, Rexall, Thunderbird gas with the totem pole, Behnke, Peerless, Nicks, lots of taverns, Gary National Bank, Villa pizza, Tolleston bakery, and my dentist Dr. Drakos. That was just around 11th. 15th ave had more stuff. I remember going to Superior bottling with my dad and Dixie dairy. When I was really young, the store on 11th and whitcomb was an IGA and then Red bought it. He got in trouble for selling spoiled meat by putting red food coloring in it. He didnt have to close up shop because he was a friend of mayor Katz. One of my prize possessions is a glass from Jakes bar on 11th and Whitcomb. He also owned the hardware store across the street on 11th where my dad bought me my sidewalk skates.

My brother Tom played baseball at the Little league. I remember the parades that had the baseball players march from Edison to the Little League.

I remember Bill Sabocik. He was more my brothers age. I remember he had short blond hair and black rimmed glasses. Angela Acquafredda was in my class. I most certainly remember Sister Mary Rafeal. In my mind she was kinda mean. I remember she used to tell me to tell my mom to make kolacky. Sister Francesca was my first grade nun and was the nicest nun I ever had or met. I still remember a song we used to sing as we walked around the classroom "choo choo, choo choo goes the choo choo train, choo choo, choo choo through the sun and rain, along the tracks we go, huffing puffing rolling cuz we know our phoenix so." When my cousin (the one who lived in Brunswick) and I would get in trouble my Uncle used to threaten us by telling us he was going to tell Fader Schmit. Father Mcginity was nice from what I remember. I think he took a bunch of kids up in his plane.

Dave, you talked about the lot on 11th and Morton. I can remember being very little and my brother taking me there to sled. I did not know Karen Hecker personally but knew who she was. Her younger brother was my age. They lived in Turkey Creek where we moved in 1966. Tom died in May 2011. He moved back from Tallahassee in 2005 to help care for my dad who had dementia. I assure you if he were alive, he would be on this site all the time. When you wrote that you and Tom Cisar used to play chicken on the tracks I had to chuckle because I remember my brother and Knudson getting into BIG TIME trouble because they hopped one of the slower moving trains on the other side of the white building.

Thank you again for all the responses. It is a nice feeling to have ones' memories validated. This is the only part of a cheer I remember "Holy Rosary Hawks are gonna skin you alive."

Dave J – California
May 13, 2016 - 18:35

Hi Alb,

Wow, how could I have completely forgot about Ike's. I loved that store! What a great strip of real estate that was on 11th Avenue for a kid; Ike's, Grillo's and Mrs. Weezie's.

On the other hand I recall the dentist's office was also on 11th on the south side of the street. Dr. Drakos was his name. All that candy from Weezie's was good business for him. I remember he used to fill my dental cavities without Novocaine, simply asking me to raise a hand if it hurt so he could stop drilling. I didn't learn about the miracles of modern pharmacology until I moved to California in 1968 and a dentist here pulled out this hypodermic to numb my mouth. Wow, what a revelation!

Keep posting about those places in Tolleston. Your memory is remarkable.


Dave J – California
May 13, 2016 - 06:41
Dan Hand, Fernando, and Susan


I see you are a bit younger than me. I was in the 6th grade at Holy Rosary in 1962. Playing in the sand lot behind and east of the school during the end-of-year party was a great memory. I liked the sack race and eating watermelon and hot dogs!


Thank you for visiting my website and your kind comments. It’s too bad life is so short; there’s so much out there to experience and accomplish. I see from previous posts that you’re a Brunswick kid too, albeit a youngster compared to me. I love this website since it brings back so many forgotten memories of my childhood in Gary. That certainly was a good time and I for one can honestly say I’d go back in time to those days if a wish could be granted. No Internet, short phone numbers, people actually talking to each other rather than being lost in a cell phone experience, sleeping at night with the front door open for cooling, feeling safe pretty much wherever you went, cheap gasoline and muscle cars with ratings in gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon by the mid 60’s. Ah, those were the days! Keep looking up at those stars.


I found the Holy Rosary 6th Grade class photo (1962) and your brother, Tom, is sitting right next to me. I see he continued on to Andrean and graduated in 68. I went to Merrillville HS and graduated in 68 as well. Say Hi to Tom for me!

Alb – TN
May 13, 2016 - 00:25
11th avenue

Dave, there was also an awesome sporting goods store just down from Grillo's, Ikes's. It was where we bought our baseball equipment. We lived on west 10th place. We played at St Johns, the Legion lot, and Beveridge playground as well a sandlot at 10th place and Ellsworth for play. We later moved to Porter street where I became close friends with Doug Hand. I graduated from Edison in 1965.