underground-walk-in-a-railway-network Urban exploration: Underground walk in a railway network

Underground walk in a railway network

Type CountryExploration DatePublication DateLocationStatusRating
2005-10-012005-10-01Where is it on the map???Active***

Underground walk in a railway network - Click to enlarge!
Escaping from the tunnels


Look left, then right. Take a big breath. Open the door carefully. You're in. You explore the Melbourne underground train network, let's go down to do some very close trainspotting...

The persons filmed on this footage do not want a public release. Thanks for asking us the access codes to view the video footage.


Underground walk in a railway network - Click to enlarge!

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rob alexander

I've always wondered if people manage to sneak into the city loop, I love spotting out the grafitti in the tunnels. Wish I was around in the 70s when they let people walk through the tunnel before it was opened. I'd love to see this video please, hint hint!


hey, just intrested intaking a look at that video.

also iam wanting to get into urban exploring around melbourne, ive walked some of the storm water drains, nothing impressive yet and was just wondering if any one else is intrested? email me or add me on msn if you want


explored some of camberwell's drains,
can i get the access code,
would be appreciated

Nexus - Space Invaders

Hey guys,

how's things? Big ups and much respect on your explorational visits. seen plenty of your markings whildt exploring alot of the Adelaide subterranean.
Could you please send me the access codes?
Many thanks and stay up!
Kudos and respect,


I'd like to see the video; could you send me the login code? Thanks!


Mr. KartRacer

allways wanted to go down find it kinda cool that we have all these places under our city they we would never see in our life time.
may i pls have the code for the video would be great to see whats down there thanks
Kart RAcer

Hank Pallett

Could I please get the codes.


Mr. Krinkle

Could i have te access codes pretty please with a cherry on top? i probably go past this place every day but the train goes a bit too fast to see anything


hey guys could i please have the codes for the video???



hi i was wonder in if i could have the access code(s?)

On i side note I think is is cool what you are doing and your photography is great!


I've always wanted to go through those tunnels, never got around to it.
would love to see your vids..
can I have the access code?

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