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Tatty Tales, part 1: Diva.


Tatty Tales, part 2: Cinderella.


Tatty Tales, part 3: Helena.

Explorations videos:

Urban exploration: Inside a roadbridge title=

Inside a roadbridge: instead of filling them up with concrete, most of the bridges have large artificial cavities. Often aesthetical, they are so many places to explore...

Urban exploration: Underground walk in a railway network title=

Underground walk in a railway network: come down with us, explore this underground active rail network and do some trainspotting... (video is password protected, ask us for authorization)

Urban exploration: Fort de la Chartreuse, Liège title=

Fort de la Chartreuse, Liège: explore this huge forgotten military complex, lot of military drawings.

Urban exploration: Hudson River State Hospital title=

Hudson River State Hospital: a beautiful Kirkbride burnt down in June 2007.

Urban exploration: The Palais Garnier title=

The Palais Garnier: V.I.P.trip into the heart of the Opéra de Paris.

Urban exploration: Untighten bolt factory title=

Untighten bolt factory: this jungle of sexy micro-machines used to produce fully customized bolts.

Urban exploration: Stella-Artois abandoned brewery title=

Stella-Artois abandoned brewery: located in Leuven, this brewery is extremely well-preserved. A paradise of copper!

Urban exploration: Stella-Artois malthouse title=

Stella-Artois malthouse: exploration of an empty and not well-known factory. The ancient Stella malthouse is indeed worth a visit.

Urban exploration: The Cinema Theater Varia title=

The Cinema Theater Varia: an art nouveau theater from 1910, abandoned since 1986... A piece of art from the architect Emile Claes. Historical urban exploration!

Urban exploration: Spreepark - The Abandoned Amusement Park title=

Spreepark - The Abandoned Amusement Park: located downtown East-Berlin, this theme park is now lost forever, and fights with the ghosts of its past...

Urban exploration: Joseph Lemaire's Sanatorium title=

Joseph Lemaire's Sanatorium: a scary art déco hospital lost in the middle of a forest.

Urban exploration: Highway bridges title=

Highway bridges: underground and aerial promenades at the same time. Very atmospheric

Urban exploration: SAFEA La Louvière title=

SAFEA La Louvière: probabaly the largest abandoned factory in Belgium. A beautiful colored chemical plant abandoned for years.

More videos are available on Forbidden Places' Youtube Channel

Two ideas stands behind this urban exploration videos section. Firstly, an attempt to bring another dimension to traditionnal photograpy, more dynamic. The goal is to share and to remind these abandoned and forgotten places that belongs to our cultural inheritance. That's the case of the footage "Snow at SAFEA", the most famous Belgian abandoned factory, now demolished. Secondly, showing infiltration attempts into forbidden places. Some of these footages will be password protected.