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Dee (UK)

Hey all! We'd love to hear from anyone who grew up in Gary alongside the Jackson 5. Maybe you even knew the family? hello [at]

Linda Stroud (UK)

I am looking for we’re my great great gan mother died lknow she died in mental hospil inhilling but with Boone there we’re is she bired like toknow her name was Emily hoare

Clinton rias (US)

15th and Williams street...Washington elementary

Lila K (US)

BURN THE ENTIRE CITY DOWN FIRST!,,,, then re build from scratch. The location of Gary is perfect to make it a strategic vacation resort with the dunes state park nearby.. Watch businesses and tourism come back slowly...

Karen Shonkwiler (US)

It is a shame to waste such a beautiful building. It has a beautiful landscape, irreplaceable architecture, and historical background. Hopefully, someone will come in and restore it.

William Madix

Any thing on 8343 abandoned engine in Tennessee

Ryan (US)

HMU with some more places to explore in the DFW area:

Jerome McCord (US)

The land that time forgot!!!! Born and raised! G.I.

Lou Gudino

Amazing chances from Froebel, Edison, and Gary that I grew up in.

Nice shots i liked it all !

I suggest to go near Milan to the old "innocenti" cars factory, you can find some interesting old factory.

Thank you for your amazing work.

Slyv (Belgium)


I have been there, and it was incredible indeed.

I'll publish it, one day :)

Max Scott (France)

...great pics! I've been doing a bit of exploring around Paris, but still baby steps.


Hello my friends!

I really appreciate your pictures - great work, especially thos from beneath the surface Exploring subterranean locations - civil or military - is my fafourite section of Urban Exploration! Though i live in the Ruhr Area in Germany we have a lot of tunnels, bunkers and even subterranean parts of ex-steel plants around her. Even a few whole abandoned mines which can be explored. If you are interested so see a few of them, here are few of my favourite examples: My favourite abandoned places in Germany.

Anyways keep up the good work, i really like your catacomb-pictures!


Here is a video I made of some abandoned irrigation tunnels caved out in the rocks near Guimar on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
Hope you like this :-)


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I love your site and would love it if you read the article I wrote about urban exploring. I look forward to possibly hearing your opinion


Stumbled onto this site. When I was a kid in the 70's my friends & I had great times going down 'the darkies' which went for miles, was in murrumbeena a suburb of Melbourne. To find the drain go down Neerim road, there is a dip in he road & parks on both sides. Face the park heading to the railway line. The drain opening is on the far left, just before the rail line. It maybe covered up now, you know we live in a nanny state where people aren't allowed to take risks anymore. wtf risk is a part of growing up & living!!! Good luck


There's an abandoned military barracks in Fontainebleau, France with all sorts of buildings and what seems to be an indoor running track with sand pits and stuff. Most of the buildings have been tagged but there is some really impressive work there. There's a nice atmosphere around the place but there's signs of people either using it to live or to hang out in. Its close to the new indoor climbing gym Karma.


I lived on the corner of 4th and Porter until we moved in the spring of 54'. Walking up 4th Avenue to school along a pebbled road------------no busing in those days. There was an open field near Edison where, in the spring, pussy willows would grow.My mother ran a cub scout group which had Gerald Randazzo, Adolph Galinski, John Haake, Ken Weldon, and others. There used to be a five and dime on 5th Avenue called Windmillers where kids loved to go. West of Edison School, there was adive where kids could go for lunch----nobody liked the school cafeteria. They had Green River on tap and it was delicious. I bought my first pack of baseball cards in the store and probably still have them today----oh, if they were only in mint condition. It was a wonderful time----so safe. Summer misquitoes were a problem and just to think that we didn't have air conditioning in those days. There were alleys between the streets where kids played. I remember playing basketball behind Adolph Galinski's house as he had a net put up on his garage.
Remember the Palace and State Theaters. I remember walking with my grandfather, after seeing a twin bill movie, from the Palace Theater to his apartment near 5th and Jefferson at 11 PM at night-----------------and absolutely was never afraid. The Palace Theater was beautiful. When it played to big movies the lineup would stretch all the way to 7th and Broadway. I remember waiting in a long line to see " The Creature From The Black Lagoon ". The best pizza in the world, and have never tasted anything comparable since, was at the " Tivoli Tap " on 5th Avenue east of Horace Mann High School. And, there was also the Tivoli Theater, which showed second fun movies. All the theaters showed two movies for the price of admission.I'm sure there are few people who remember any of this, but if you do, drop me a line at

Jim Sullivan

I absolutely love this site. You are such an inspiration! Urban exploration has quickly become my favorite passtime. I've gone on several urbex road trips and am planning another for later this year. I post to my blog at least once a week, sharing pictures and stories from my explorations:

I've had a fascination with abandoned places for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my dad often took my brothers and me on hikes near my grandparents' farm in rural Wisconsin. Sometimes we'd find collapsed barns or the foundations of old homes.

I'd try to envision what the structures looked like before they became weathered husks overtaken by nature. I'd wonder about the people that knew those buildings, the lives they lived, the hopes they had for their futures, and whether or not they ever came true. And then I'd try to imagine the circumstances leading up to the abandonment. Was it a calm, deliberate event, or hurried and frantic?

A recent trip to the abandoned military base at Treasure Island rekindled my passion for exploration. It inspired me to spend more time visiting and documenting abandoned sites before they succumb to the elements, vandals, or developers.

I took a road trip in early 2015 through half a dozen of the western states. I was gone 17 days, visited over 60 abandoned sites, drove 4000 miles, and took 5000 pictures. It was an incredible experience. You can find some of my pictures, along with the stories that go with them, in my blog:


I was born in 1993 in Gary,In and I loved it. I mean you could tell there where already problems back then. I mean pot holes and Broadway was looking like hunted street. The only thing I looked forward too was the Ymca across the street from the train/bus station(excuse me I haven't been home in 10 years so I forgot some street names). My point I went to visit in 2011 and my feelings was hurt!!!! Everything was either gone or shut down(no shocker)! Didn't even see the bus run(excuse me if it still does). my schools looked so abandoned and that was a hard pill to swallow. For the simple fact the Jacksons is well known and from there and left that city to basically go under hurts! I remember how my mom wouldn't let me go onto certain streets because the crime rate was extremely high. I lived in Glen Park as well as in the projects. and Delany was part of me. Visiting that the play ground was basically gone. I didn't like the fact my mom moved us 10 hours away but now that im older im happy she did. Not only is the crime rate high but the popululation not getting no smaller. Over crowded but where is the things to help with that? Get my city back to how it was!!!! I have family that's still there and its hard to get them to move out!!!

Stephen Hersch

We moved to Gary from Pittsburgh. Attended Horace Mann for 4th Grade, then moved to Glen Park. Glen Park Elementary was at 38th & Broadway. From 7th grade on attended Lew Wallace. Gary was good for bike riding. I biked from Glen Park to Horace Mann for a typing class in the summer before my Freshman year, 1956. I biked down to the dentist in the 700 block on Broadway. My dad had a restaurant supply store at 11th & Broadway. There was a great Jewish deli on Washington Street in the 600 or 700 block. The Tivoli Tap had great pizza & italian beef sandwiches. I enlisted in the Navy (submarines) in 1963. When I was discharged in 1971 I came back to GAry to finish college at IU Northwest, then moved to Florida. I remember taking the bus with my mom, brother and sister to MIller Beach, transferring at 5th & Broadway. There was a fountain in, or very near, Gary National Bank that a friend and I went for a sundae a couple of times, and left without paying. There was a drug store at 5th and Johnson, I think. I knew the owner's son. There was also a bakery on 8th Ave between Broadway and Massachusetts St, and a 5 and dime store across the street .

Dolores Ann Zavala

Hello Rick, wow I wish I could remember the name of the Elementary, I remember a Parrish St. and a Hemlock St.
not sure if that was Gary or on East Chicago. My parents passed a long time ago and I have no family left over there, so no
one to ask. I remember is was easy to get to though just walked to the end of the block and made one turn at the corner and then it was straight ahead. yes I remember the downtown. something about that downtown. We rode bikes all over the place best summers ever.....


So I've been living in this neighvourhoud my whole life. There's this big castle (kinda) building where nobody dared to go into. It used to be a really successfull chinese restaurant. Then, there had been a fire on the top floor and it kinda collapsed, so it closed a couple years ago. About a week ago the building was in the newspaper saying that there's gonna be a new neighbourhood build on the ground where it is. So I decided to go in it and it was incredible. I loved every bit of it. There were these amazing chinese paintings, some little informationbooks, a really scary basement and a really cool pond. I really regret that I never went into it before. (Sorry for my english lol)

Dolores Ann Zavala

I was about 3 or 4 when we moved to the Brunswick back in around 1960, I can't remember a lot but I remember there was a liquor store at the begining of the street and a Dairy Queen across the big street I just can't remember street names I used to walk to the elementary school a few blocks away...the Jr high was not too far off either I believe in the other direction. I guess just reminiscing about childhood I remember such good times....riding bikes with friends castle burgers the candy store my best friend Irma Torres my next door neighbor who I wish I could find..I remember my mother hit every bingo hall there was lol I remember walking down to the end of our block and crossing the big street to go to DQ to get a dilly bar. Trips to downtown Gary, Christmas time, miller beach, warm rainy summers and playing out to in the snow. Had some super great memories. Than of course it started getting pretty rough.we moved out around 1968 or so sad it got so bad I will always have love for those good ole days in Indiana

C. Carter

I was also born in Gary, Indiana in the 50's. I could tell you stories of parades, US Steel Mills Golden Jubilee, and many other wonderful events that had taken place. I was just reminiscing when I came across your post. I was researching the Moonlight Drive-in Theater. This was a fun place with pony rides, treasure digs in large sandboxes, and the best ever chocolate drink called "Hot Toddy". I wish I could find this product. Gary, however, is no longer a booming city nor a city of beauty. The shops are gone, Broadway looks like a ghost town with run down buildings, abandoned high schools, neighborhoods with so few houses on each block, and the houses that are still standing, most are boarded up and so run down, they should be demolished. It is very sad to see historical buildings like Gary Public Schools Memorial Auditorium almost non-existent, Emerson High School and Horace Mann High in ruins, and high schools, Tolleston and Froebel removed with no sign that they ever existed. I wish we could meet and visit the ruins of Gary and share the memories of the past that would let the world know that Gary was nothing like it is today. It was safe, clean, and beautiful. I also miss Gary the way it was.

Teresa l Atwood-Johnson

Wow I was so taken back to years so long ago. I was born in Gary In in 1961 . Downtown Gary always held for me dreams of life in the big city. I remember the shopping centers there all dressed in the holiday spirit. Stores my Mother spent countless hours in. It was the time of our lives. Christmas in Gary it gave true meaning to jack frost nipping at your nose. My Father and Mother moved to Gary In to offer us a better life for us , they grew up in the hills of Harlan Kentucky. Thats right true coal mining country. I wish that my children and grandchildren could see Gary my birth place in all in grandure. Life in Gary throughn the eyes of a child . I so miss those days when life seemed to hold for us easy living although we didnt quite see it that way then but surely today I can appreciate then life given to me . Loretta lynn sang coal miners daughter. I was raised a stell mills daughter

Old Man in the window

I would like to start by saying that I stumbled upon your photograhs when I found " Forbidden Places " and the snap shorts both
showed the artistic nature that you posess and your curing desire to bring to your readers a forgotten past and the forgotten souls that passed through house's of horror at the Hudson River State Hospital. The photo's allowed me for a few moments to step back through time when I use to go there to visit someone very dear to me. She was 13 rs. old and I was 14. and she was kept at Hillcrest. and every day rain snow sleet or shine I would go to Hillcrest and together we would walk the grounds holding hands.She was put there after a nervious brake down do to her parents going through a bitter devorce.It was such joy to see her smile and laugh,But hey, she was my everything. She was my girlfriend.I spent the intire year going to hillcrest up untill my parents decided to move and I was striped away from her.I sent her letters and cards but never knew she got them because of the sensore ship by staff.The Hospital is bigger then people know for on the other side of Rt 9. the road leeds up a winding rd.where on top oh the hill behind the trees is Hillcrest.And a nother bldg that housed patients with TB.beyond that the rd. leeds down for more then a mile with cabins and house's that were kept for the elderly that were nearing death and would never be released back into a world that did'nt want them in the first place. Those grounds that are a part of the hospital are not shown on the blueprints that made for the publics wiewing because they are grounds that were donated to the state by the Church so that when patients died but would not be allowed to be buired in the public cemetary's they would have a place of there own.
The generation that is here today knows nothing about that era nor will they learn because its to much of a shame for the State
to acknowlage its ugly past of what was done to people that America forgot were citizens and too. were human beings., It was
was for the most part that the horror stories that were made public in the 70's is what led up to The Suppreem Court in 1975 to put forth an order ordering hospital's kike Hudson River State to be closed down.

But now that I look back upon that short but sweet few moments that I had with her the photo's that you took of Hudson River State were almost like yesterday and a few hours thrown in. It was a good year. It was a very good year and even I smiled and laughed more for she had a way of bringing that out of me and I think too of the kiss'es we stole from each other. Like I said it was a very good year. It was "62". Today I'm Just an old man in a old folks home looking out the window at a world that makes no sense to me as to why people are so angry, violent.racest, and so full of hate. But from your photo's I can see that the buildings are falling into decay and that period back in time should not be brought back any time soon (if) not ever.
The staff like thier victems the patients are now long gone and the only reminder that may still lirk in those rooms and hallways
are the Demonds. but then again the demonds were always there.

When I think back upon that year in my life and the short but sweet moments I spent with my girlfriend


wonderful places!

could you share this map, so i can export it as kml and use it for planing my tour?


I love the places on this site, greetinx


Love this exploration of abandoned stuff. Those old creepy buildings have like a kind of magic.
Anyways, thanks for sharing!

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